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To support the scholarly and the most revered Vedic community, preserve the golden heritage, train and empowers new individuals with the established practices, preserve and protect our ancient Hindu temples and Vedic places to name a few.

Our focus is also to provide healthcare to the needy with or without insurance, provide educational scholarships in terms of financial aids to the needy yet meritorious students, to empower women community to be self-sufficient, resilient and entrepreneurial along with encouraging them in STEM.

Our Mission and Services

Our main focus is to promote our culture among our generations and help our community live by the holy path laid out by Vedas.

Our focus is to take steps to uplift our culture and heritage. To start with, our efforts and assistance will include but not be limited to assistance and guidance towards

  • Temple Construction and Renovation
  • Upanayanam, Marriage, and Funeral (rituals for last rites)
  • Health Initiatives
  • Destitute Women and Orphaned Children
  • Scholarships to Needy yet Meritorious Students
  • Business networking
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Current Projects




Community Projects


Bringing change

Temple Construction & Renovation

The basic roots of great Hindu culture are preserved by Temples and Archakas/ Priests. Renovating dilapidated ancient and historic temples and constructing new temples pave a way for sustaining our culture and passing on the great values of our culture to our future generations. Funds are also used to help Archakas/ Priests who are in need of support.
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Help Towards Performing Rituals

There are several Vedic Community families who seek help to perform Upanayanam, Marriage and Funeral (last rites). Funds will be used to help Vedic community families in need of support.
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Health Initiatives

Primary focus of this initiative is to provide funding for Healthcare and Health Insurance for needy Vedic Priests/ Scholars and poor Vedic community families.
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Destitute Women & Orphaned Children Assistance

This initiative focuses on bridging destitute women and orphaned children with people willing to lend a helping hand that includes providing assistance towards employment and/ or willing to sponsor for their education.
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