Gnanam Series
Namaskaram Everyone !!
With the blessings of our Gurus, Thambraas USA, in association with like-minded Organizations and Priests/ Vaadhyars in India and the USA, is planning to conduct the Gnanam learning series.

  • Please fill the form below. Based on the responses, we will finalize the class schedules and share the details to enroll on our website.

Request you all to share this with your family and friends across the North American region to make use of this opportunity.
We also take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your ongoing support of our various initiatives.
परोपकाराय फलन्ति वृक्षाः परोपकाराय वहन्ति नद्यः । परोपकाराय दुहन्ति गावः परोपकाराथ मिदं शरीरम् ॥
“Trees bear fruits for others to eat. Rivers flow for others to use. Cows give milk to all. This body of ours meant to serve others.”